~ Awnings ~

What's not to love about sunshine? Only too much of it!

Shade is one of nature's great outdoor gifts, one of life's simple pleasures. Shade is shelter, giving us the open outdoors without threat of the sun's rays or danger from inclement weather.

Awnings shade us--like eyelids for our windows. Canopies shade us--like a garden bower. Umbrellas shade us--like a broad-brimmed hat.




At Wm. J. Mills & Co., awnings and canopies are as varied as our clients' needs to create or redefine space. They connect indoor and outdoor spaces: covered passageways from door to driveway or deck to pool- side, or open breezeways from house to garage.

Awnings cool one's home and protect indoor fabric and fine furniture.
They expand one's shelter onto deck, porch, terrace, or other outdoor space. They can "summerize" a sun room or attached greenhouse.


Canopies create outdoor places--transition zones between indoors and out. Like a free-standing awning, a canopy or pavilion defines a seasonal, "summer" space. Lighter than a tent, broader than an umbrella, a canopy provides a unique retreat--from the sun and the weather and from the four walls of one's home.


Wm. J. Mills & Co. can help you to redefine your current spaces and create new ones. Please contact us for more information about our Awnings of Distinction® and other shading canvas products.


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